BABAK MANI  is a humanist photographer and also occasionally works as a portrait photographer.
He’s based in Paris and was born in Shahi, a small town of Iran.
Before 10 years old and alongside his studies, Babak grew up in an old traditional atelier and in the darkroom, where he learned how to develop film, make a B&W photo print and also shooting portrait with a large format camera. So right from the beginning his portraits concentrated more on black and white photography.
Around that time, due to sickness and the death of his father he had to work with what he had learnt and became independent. During these years photography as a first love found its place in Babak’s life.
In his teens, his works became known in his city and province. He moved to Tehran and through the twenties, he took portraits from lots of Iranian Artists and notable individuals in his private atelier. He did photography with the B&W 120 Negative. During that period Babak’s photos used more than 400 Cover of Magazines, Cover of Artists’ Books, Music Albums, Singers’ Posters and also displayed as Advertising Billboards in his country. For more than half a decade, his photos of celebrities on the cover of magazines were among the bestsellers. Part of his work from Iranian contemporary artists was selected for a Book that published in 2009. His portraits were presented for two years at the fixed exhibition in Tehran, Farmaniyeh 2010-2011. For various reasons, Babak decided to continue to learn photography in Paris. From the early thirties, he has also been interested in environmental portrait photography with a small camera of people. He has traveled to various countries and he has photographed lifestyles, as well as social photography projects of human problems and inequalities.
Babak constantly tries to recreate himself in photography and also the world around.
In his opinion, there isn’t any border in photography.

“written by Jean Claude Duny

Group exhibitions & Solo

» Strike  2019, Solo / Paris

» One night in one city  2018, Solo / Paris

» Fashion in capital  2017, Solo / Paris

» Visages te disent  2016, Solo / Paris

» PX3 2016, PARIS
» Exposure 2015 – LOUVER MUSEUM, PARIS
» TIFA 2016, Tokyo
» SALON Grand 2015, Serbia
» BALKAN DREAM 2015, Serbia
» ADRIATIC 2015, Bulgaria
» CORSICA 2015, Serbia
» PCA 2015, Serbia
» PIKTO 2015, Canada
» Photoclub 2015, Bulgaria
» Exposure 2014 – Angel Orensanz foundation, New York
» SCOPE MIAMI 2014, Miami
» ONE LIFE 2013, New York
» Year in Review 2013, New York
» Portraits of Iranian artists & notable individuals  2010-2011, Solo / Farmaniyeh, Tehran